Staff Training

Health Club Staff Training - The RIGHT Training

In the highly competitive health club industry, it takes your health club running like a well-oiled machine to maximize profit and ensure long-term success. Premier Fitness Marketing can help you prepare your health club manager and staff to professionally run every aspect of your health club from front desk to day care. Premier Fitness Marketing will teach you how to employ gym staff training methods and ways to continue training and sharpening their service skills to ensure your club provides quality service geared toward increasing your profits and keeping your membership base happy.

Think about how many people develop their first impression of your club by the initial interaction with the front desk staff member. This is where health club memberships are truly sold - all on the basis of the first impression and interaction. You may have the most highly certified personal trainers around, but can your front desk staff sell personal training sessions? Could they sell a membership if required? Or answer a question about a fat burning shake sold at the cafe? You invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the physical makeup of your club. A small investment in the people that represent your health club is just as important, if not more so.

By using Premier Fitness Marketing's health club staff training program, your staff will receive:

  • Simple sales training - everyone can sell (Find out how!)
  • Proper customer service
  • Shift scheduling
  • Correct phone procedures
  • Up selling the facility
  • Sales team development
  • Lead generation and management
  • Higher closing rates among all staff members
  • Continuous marketing strategies for your staff to follow

If you have any questions, or would like some additional information on how Premier Fitness Marketing can help you with any gym staff training issues you may have, call 1-888-724-7717 today!

Health Club Staff Placement and Hiring

Hiring a qualified manager and people to work in your health club can often be as important as, if not more important than, your health club marketing strategies. Through Premier Fitness Marketing's many years of marketing, owning, and managing health clubs, we have developed a keen sense of finding and hiring the right staff for your health club. We can help train your staff, hire new staff, or find people for you and bring them into your facility-whichever best benefits you.

Please read these next few paragraphs, and when you are finished, close your eyes and think about the way you feel.

You walk into a restaurant and a young lady holds the door open as she greets you with a smile. As you approach the hostess stand, you see the manager of the restaurant, John, going over a seating chart with Tina who has been there every Friday night at that same stand since you happened upon this hidden treasure three years ago. She looks up and says, "Hello, Robert, you are early tonight. Did you close your shop early? I don't have your favorite table open now, but if you go to the bar and hang out with Sean, I will get that table cleaned off as fast as I can."

When you reach the bar, Sean says, "Here you go Robert. This glass of wine is on me while you wait for your table," while you say, "That's not necessary, but thanks." John the manager then comes over to let you know that your table is ready and insists you take the glass of wine. As you sit back and wait for your meal to arrive, you look around at the many familiar faces and wonder if it gets any better than this.


You enter an electronics store to see if the 50-inch plasma television that's on sale is still in stock. You look around the section where it should be but do not see it. After waiting for five minutes to see if you can catch one of the workers at the store to ask about the set, you become a little frustrated and head over to the customer service desk. Once there, you see why you didn't receive any help in the TV section-six employees are gathered around a desk in the back eating pizza and talking.

After standing there for a while, an employee on her cell phone notices you and alerts a co-worker who is taking a bite of pizza that you are there. After a short debate as to who's going to help you, a different guy walks out swallowing a bite of pizza and asks, "Do you need some help?" You look at him and say, "No thanks." He walks back to the room without a second glance.

You then proceed to walk across the street to another electronics store and buy a 65-inch plasma TV, which was actually $1,000 more than you had intended to spend at the first store. As two nice young men load the set into your truck, you glance back across the street at the other store and notice the empty parking lot.

Having been into more than 1,600 clubs across the nation, the Premier Fitness Marketing staff can promise you that more than 90 percent of them are run like the electronics store with the pack of kids in the back room.

Staffing is the most important factor in determining if your health club will succeed or fail. Let Premier Fitness Marketing show you how to hire people who will help make your club the "it" club in town. We can help you hire a team of all-stars who will grow your membership base and profits beyond your wildest dreams.

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