Pre-Sales & Openings

Health Club Pre-Sales

So, your gym is built, and you’re thinking, “What do I do now?”

Don’t worry. Premier Fitness Marketing’s consultants have you covered. We have been responsible for numerous health club pre-sales and grand openings of our own and for our clients. And we have found one thing to be certain — if a health club does not open on the right foot, it is much harder to establish itself against the competition later. Premier Fitness Marketing has a unique and proven method for marketing a health club’s pre-sale activities. Our health club pre-sale marketing strategy includes press coverage, grand opening parties, direct response and passive marketing, corporate membership programs, and much more. We will set up the strategies necessary to build your health club membership with primarily those important monthly EFT receivables for the long-term stability of your health club. In many instances, Premier Fitness Marketing has had a health club’s monthly overhead covered before the doors open.

We have a wealth of knowledge available to the new or first-time gym owner about every aspect of the industry. Call 1-888-724-7717 to find out how Premier Fitness Marketing can help you.

Health Club Openings

Are you looking for help with the opening of a health club? Are you uncertain about the correct placement of the equipment? The most effective building layout and design? Implementing a sales program? How to begin a personal training program?

Premier Fitness Marketing can help you prepare for your grand opening with our health club development program. We have been involved with countless health club startups from the “idea on a napkin” level to the “doors are open to the public.” We can help you with every aspect of your gym from choosing a billing company to setting your price structure.

We take pride in the clubs that participate in our health club development program and wish nothing but their continued success in the business. Premier Fitness Marketing will give your health club the daily and weekly guidance necessary to create a profitable business you can enjoy for many years to come. Our knowledge of the health club business is tremendous, and you will be able to see the results.