Personal Training

Do you run a health club or personal training studio and want to maximize your potential with clients? Do you need to establish a personal training program? Would you like to see your trainers have full schedules? Or are you just unsatisfied with your personal training production?

Personal training revenue can be one of the most overlooked areas within any health club, and if you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then Premier Fitness Marketing's personal trainer marketing consultation and marketing services are for you.

At Premier Fitness Marketing, we recognize the need to establish systems that maximize your personal training revenue to current members and at the point of sale as well. This means using a structured program for long-term success. Every health club or personal training studio should have an effective program in place to optimize the profit from personal training clients.

Among our personal trainer marketing services, we can teach you how to do the following:

  • EFT-based personal training sales - create a guaranteed monthly training revenue stream
  • Increase per capita revenue
  • Retain clients
  • Market personal training in your area
  • Create an effective referral system
  • Increase member usage rates
  • Use hiring and pay scales
  • Maintain a personal training schedule

 The easiest way to increase revenue within any facility is to optimize those members who already use your services, and our personal trainers marketing consultants can help you achieve this. The interaction between trainers and members is an integral part of the overall business dynamic. Let us teach you and your staff how to make the most out of each conversation they have with your members. We can show you how to make personal training an indispensable part of your business structure through an increase in the revenue you see on a daily basis.

How Our Personal Trainer Marketing Consultant Services Work

We will spend three days at your facility establishing the systems to increase your personal training revenue and effectiveness. This includes complete staff training on personal training sales, retention, interaction, referral programs, and in every other facet of the marketing of personal training. Once we have left your facility, your Premier Fitness Marketing personal trainer marketing consultant will stay in contact with you and your staff to answer any questions and to ensure that you are maximizing your personal training revenue. (Plus we like to hear how much more money you're making from marketing personal training too!).

Because every market and health club is different, we will provide you with the direction to create a custom personal trainer marketing program that best suits your facility’s market and situation, therefore providing you with additional personal training revenue. We will leave nothing to chance, just a system based upon time-proven, effective, profit-increasing methods.

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Personal Training without the management headaches...
If you're a health club owner who would like to have an effectively managed, profit-producing personal training program but do not have the time or desire to create and staff such a program, don't worry. We will arrange to have a program placed within your facility while you get paid to have your members serviced to the highest standards in the health club industry.

You make the money without the added headache. Call 1-888-724-7717 to find out about this option today.

Personal Training Studios

With competition from other personal training studios and health clubs biting into the personal training market, it is important to optimize your studio's production. Just because you own a personal training studio doesn't mean you need to wait for people to find your studio to create new clients. While most companies offer no help or answers for personal training studios, Premier Fitness Marketing's experienced staff has had great success in helping studios flourish like never before. This starts with the following:

  • Effective "new client marketing " campaign
  • EFT-based personal training sales - create a guaranteed monthly personal training revenue stream
  • Increasing per capita revenue
  • Generating leads
  • Marketing personal training in your area
  • Creative revenue-generating ideas inside your studio
  • Setting personal training sales goals and reaching them

We can transform your personal training studio into a powerhouse of both clients and revenue.

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personal trainer marketing consultant about increasing your profit.