Option 2 Marketing

Sometimes health clubs require an immediate fitness marketing campaign, and we cannot always fulfill this need. Because of the stellar results we produce, our schedule is often filled far in advance, and we are not always immediately available to help every health club who contacts us. To assist health clubs who are in need of immediate results and are unable to wait for us to conduct a full-scale health club marketing campaign, we have developed our Option 2 Marketing program.

To create an Option 2 Marketing program, we will design a highly targeted health club marketing campaign around the goals you have and your health club’s market. You purchase the marketing materials through us, and then we teach you how to conduct a saturation fitness marketing campaign at your own health club, leading to a dramatic increase in your membership base. We will provide you with all the materials for the program, including sales guides, as much phone guidance as you may need, member tracking materials, and the knowledge to grow your membership base. This will start you on the path to success.

Premier Fitness Marketing can also provide a health club marketing consultant to help train you and your staff regarding your Option 2 Marketing campaign in order to produce maximal results. The most overlooked and underappreciated service that accompanies our health club marketing and promotional services is the direct, hands-on training that we can pass on to you and your staff. We can train you and your staff to conduct a highly targeted integrated fitness marketing campaign with our supervision and guidance. Armed with this array of time-proven, effective training and fitness marketing knowledge, you and your staff will be able to dramatically increase your daily prospects, facility tours, and that all-important closing ratio, which in turn results in significantly greater revenues for your club through daily cash and monthly EFT revenues. Option 2 Marketing may well be the solution to your membership problems.

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