Full Scale Marketing

Marketing Fitness with Premier Fitness Marketing

There are many health club marketing companies out there, but none offer the benefits, success, or professionalism that Premier Fitness Marketing can provide. Premier Fitness Marketing specializes in designing and implementing health club marketing campaigns that raise your monthly EFT drafts, thereby dramatically raising cash flow to adequately cover expenses, such as health club advertising, and provide for capital re-investment.

To create the best results possible for your health club, we use a variety of proven marketing and promotional methods including, direct mail, health club advertising through radio and television ads, and telemarketing. Our methodology has been proven repeatedly in virtually every market and typically produces more than $45,000 per week in gross sales—all leading to a dramatic increase in your EFT base. Premier Fitness Marketing provides you with the opportunity to conduct a very successful, full-scale marketing campaign for your health club and/or fitness center.

A typical health club promotion lasts 4–12 weeks, generating 300–1,000 new members. As a result of the Premier Fitness Marketing promotion, your club’s monthly receivables will increase by $4,000–15,000 per month — all with No Out of Pocket Expense for You! Premier Fitness Marketing will provide a professional and experienced sales staff with a high sales closing history to completely manage and conduct your marketing campaign. Premier Fitness Marketing only gets paid on the memberships we generate, and as a result, we strive to generate as many memberships as possible during our promotions and health club advertising campaigns. If the promotion doesn’t make money, we don’t make money. This all happens while your business continues to operate as normal.

Premier Fitness Marketing is completely committed to your health club’s success, and as such, we will design and implement your health club marketing campaign by treating your business as if it were our own, with the highest levels of Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism. Premier Fitness Marketing does not market to your members or sell to your normal business traffic. Your members are just that—yours! We only sell memberships to people to whom we market. If we did not provide the incentive for the person to come in, why should we sell them a membership? We shouldn’t, and we don’t. We only get paid on sales our staff creates and nothing more.

There is no need to sell your health club memberships for $99 a year. This may seem like a quick fix to financial problems, but it only hurts your gym in the long run. We do not devalue your club by selling your memberships at an extremely low rate. We assist your club in building a solid EFT membership base, not cheap, one-time rates. Selling low-priced memberships cheapens and tarnishes your club, resulting in members who will never pay a decent rate for a membership again. In some cases, we actually raise your health club membership prices! We are committed to providing professional health club marketing promotions that are designed for those owners who are seeking to dramatically elevate their EFT base.

It’s pretty simple to see why we are so successful with our marketing campaigns.

CALL 1-888-724-7717 to find out how our health club marketing services can earn your facility an additional $4,000–$15,000 per month in EFTs, without spending a dime!

Full Scale Marketing

We do all of this by selling the benefits of your club, the services of your club, and the very real results that will be achieved once a prospect becomes a member. This strategy focuses on the advantages, not the price.

  • Our Campaigns Utilize:
  • Telemarketing
  • Radio advertising (generating a higher response than the industry average)
  • Corporate membership programs
  • Direct mail
  • Cable advertising
  • Lead boxes
  • Newspaper advertising

To demonstrate our confidence and our commitment to you, we will advance all monies required to implement and commence your health club promotion. As the club owner, you will not have to provide any monetary support to initiate this campaign. All of the cost and risk belongs to us.

Here are the different types of promotions we conduct:

  • Co-Ed Health Clubs: We developed our industry-leading health club marketing campaigns in co-ed health clubs. Premier Fitness Marketing will set up an EFT-driven fitness sales promotion designed to increase your club’s EFT base. We provide the staff and front all the money necessary to inundate your market with direct mail, telemarketing, radio, cable spots, and corporate marketing. There is absolutely no cost or risk whatsoever. We don’t sell cheap memberships; our fitness center promotions will not fill up your health club with members paying $99 per year. Instead, our fitness center marketing will fill your club with people paying a decent rate on a monthly EFT. Let us raise your EFT by $15,000 with NO COST to you.
  • Ladies-Only Health Clubs: We have worked with everything from full-scale, ladies-only facilities to circuit-only clubs, and everything in between. We have worked with literally hundreds of ladies clubs developing and conducting the most effective ladies-only health club promotions in the industry.
  • Pre-sales: Having been responsible for numerous health club pre-sales and grand openings of our own and for clients, we have found one thing to be certain... If a club does not open on the right foot, it is harder to establish itself against competition later. Premier Fitness Marketing has a unique and proven method for marketing a health club’s pre-sale activities. In many instances, the health club’s monthly overhead is covered before the doors open. We also have a wealth of knowledge available to the new or first-time gym owner. Call 1-888-724-7717 to find out how we can help you.
  • Personal Training Studios: Most health club marketing companies or fitness consultants turn down business from personal training studios but not us! Premier Fitness Marketing has many successful personal trainer marketing strategies available for personal training studios. You don’t need to wait for clients to walk through your door... we can show you how to make increased profit a reality.
  • Option 2 Marketing: Because our schedule for conducting marketing campaigns is often booked well in advance, Option 2 marketing allows you to take the bull by the horns. We give you the tools and training to create your own health club marketing campaign on a smaller scale. This is also a great option for those clubs who aren’t sure if a full-scale health club promotion is best. Call 1-888-724-7717 to find out more about our Option 2 marketing services.

We won’t try to convince you that Premier Fitness Marketing’s full-scale health club marketing campaigns are different than any health club promotion company you have ever seen or heard about. Instead, we’ll leave it up to our client references and our great reputation.

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