Direct Mail

Health clubs that maintain their visibility and keep their name in the public's mind have a greater market share. That's a fact. At Premier Fitness Marketing, we know there are many ways to keep your health club's name highly visible to the public through both passive and active marketing. Direct mail can play a huge role in adding new members to your facility today and for months and years to come. The problem is that your health club will require the most specific health club direct mail piece available to achieve these results. Premier Fitness Marketing can help you get the most out of using direct mail. Through our exclusive printing house, Eclipse Printing, you will have access to our time-proven, effective mail pieces and the lowest direct mail prices in the industry.

Through our many years of health club ownership and fitness marketing, Premier Fitness Marketing has created, used, and enjoyed tremendous success with more than 40 unique health club direct mail pieces that provide you with a successful marketing program for your health club. Direct mail can be a wonderful tool for any health club wanting to increase membership. And, at Premier Fitness Marketing, we can provide for all of your direct mail needs with time-tested health club direct mail pieces at prices below industry standards-all right at your doorstep.

Eclipse Printing can provide direct mail with targeted offers for:

  • New member promotions
  • "2 for 1" specials
  • Marketing personal training
  • Personal training studios
  • Renewals
  • Holidays
  • Facility anniversary specials
  • Special events
  • Fit study cards

Anything and everything you can or can't imagine!

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Don't forget!

Premier Fitness Marketing can help design your other printed material requirements - lead boxes, guest passes, rate reservations, welcome letters, and brochures.

Call 1-888-724-7717 today to talk to a Premier Fitness Marketing health club consultant about how we can help you with any of your material needs.