Health Club Consulting

Creating a Fitness Marketing Plan and Establishing a System

In today's ultra competitive health club industry, the number of new health clubs is rapidly increasing, but the number of people joining health clubs is not. This is why you need an edge over your competition to immediately appeal to the potential new member, as well as increase all other potential options for profit. That's where Premier Fitness Marketing's health club consultants enter the picture.

In an industry where success is seldom seen, wouldn't you want the benefit of more than 35 years of health club ownership, marketing, and management behind you? Premier Fitness Marketing's consultants are trained to identify the areas where your health club needs improvement and to help you succeed. By using Premier Fitness Marketing's trained consultants, you gain years of industry experience in a matter of days.

Is your health club lacking:

  • New member sales?
  • Leads?
  • Personal training income?
  • A professionally run and dynamic front desk?
  • Membership retention?
  • In-house profit centers?
  • Retail revenue?
  • Corporate wellness programs?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, our health club consulting services can help.

Did you know that an average health club should be producing at least $15,000 per month in personal training?

With the spread of large, low-priced box clubs, health clubs are forced to make more money from current members. Through Premier Fitness Marketing's health club consulting services, we will analyze all aspects of your club, from A to Z, to give you the edge required to operate a successful health club. Let our health club consultants take a few minutes of your time, and find out how years of knowledge from trial and error in our own health clubs can help you achieve your goals. Feel free to give us a call or send an email.

Using Premier Fitness Marketing's Consulting Services

Through years of health club consulting, marketing, and promotion experience, Premier Fitness Marketing has developed many strategic methods to take your health club to the top of the industry in profit, membership sales, and member retention. The following are examples of proven methods that Premier Fitness Marketing consultants use to improve your health club's bottom line:

  • Show you how to elevate your personal trainer marketing programs to generate $10,000 to more than $15,000 per month in gross sales.
  • Provide daily, weekly, and monthly monitoring of your current progress and continued success.
  • Create a comprehensive operations manual for every aspect of your facility.
  • Analyze your health club's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a strategic health club marketing plan to best suit not only your health club but also your market.
  • Put your staff through an in-depth sales training program.
  • Teach you and your staff the most efficient way to run your club's day-to-day operations.
  • Direct you on membership retention programs to keep your membership base steady.
  • Show you how to create a dynamic personal trainer marketing program to effectively sell personal training within your facility over the long term.
  • Show you how to implement proven marketing methods such as direct mail, lead boxes, telemarketing, and radio and TV advertising.
  • Create a referral system that keeps prospects walking through YOUR front door instead of your competitors.

Premier Fitness Marketing will show you how to make all aspects of your business produce more than you have ever seen before with a 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

As with any successful company, the key is having systems in place that lead to profit. By having the proper systems in place, you can turn an average front desk person into a 5-star membership salesperson. Your personal trainers can go from giving free sessions to all new members to marketing personal training sessions to 70 percent of every new member they see.

These methods are simple and effective, which is the key. Once you have implemented these systems, their proven track record will work to increase your club’s cash flow.

If a new club opens down the street and pulls 30 percent of your membership away from you, which is the average in our industry, are you generating enough cash in-house through profit centers to weather the storm?

If you are like 80 percent of the club owners and health club managers in the fitness industry, your answer is "no." You cannot afford to be “reactive”.  You must be Pro-active! Take the necessary and vital steps to safeguard the financial health of your club both today and tomorrow. Let Premier Fitness Marketing give you and your facility the personal attention needed to truly optimize every aspect of your health club. We look forward to working with you and turning your club into a powerful moneymaker!

Call 1-888-724-7717 to talk to a Premier Fitness Marketing health club consultant and receive a free market analysis.