Health Club Marketing companies saturate my market. How is Premier Fitness Marketing's program any different?

Many clubs that have completed our health club marketing campaigns have had their best months after our gym promotions programs. This is because we've generated high visibility, excitement, brand-awareness and curiosity. Peoples' fitness needs can change dramatically, and many people are too busy or preoccupied to respond to our offer immediately. But when they are ready, they join the club we exclusively work with because of the recognition that our gym promotions create.

Remember, marketing is "only a moment in time," and people respond to different types of marketing at different times. To help your health club continue to produce increased membership sales after the promotion is finished, we can teach you how to effectively create a year-round fitness marketing strategy to build upon the success of the promotion. We've worked with clubs from the pre-sale and grand opening stage to ones that have been in business for 20 years. Premier Fitness Marketing is invited back for repeat gym promotions more than 70% of the time, which is a testament to our professionalism, results, and follow-through.

The health club marketing companies I've worked with in the past filled my club with low-paying members. Does Premier Fitness Marketing have a different strategy?

Premier Fitness Marketing sells memberships for a higher price than any other marketing company in the industry, guaranteed. We will not fill your club with members paying $99 a year who will never pay a reasonable price for your health club. Such promotions upset your current members who are already paying a reasonable rate. Premier Fitness Marketing specializes in selling EFT-based memberships to provide your health club with the stability necessary to succeed in the industry. We can do this because we don't sell memberships by cost. Instead, we promote and sell memberships from the standpoint of benefits and advantages of using the equipment, services, and staff while exercising at your club! It is a much more difficult sale, and this is why we are the only company in the industry that sells memberships in this manner. When you drastically discount your memberships, it is a very short-term fix for your club. We are a long-term, positive-cash-flow-oriented company.

I feel that most health club marketing companies are high pressure and will make a bad name for my club. Is this true of Premier Fitness Marketing?

We represent your club as we would represent our own. Our slogan is "Professional Marketing with Integrity" and that is precisely what we do.

If I work with a health club marketing company, I want to go with the one that will give me the best percentages. What can Premier Fitness Marketing offer?

One statement sums this up-you get what you pay for, PERIOD.

We work on commission only. If the gym promotion does not make money, we don't make money. We completely front the money required to conduct the promotion, leaving you with NO OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSE. Our percentages are fair, and we are compensated accordingly for the professional work that we do. For example, are you better off using a billing company that charges 3% but only collects at 60%? Or are you better off using a billing company that charges 6% or 7% but collects at over 90%? The same logic applies with health club marketing companies.

What happens with my current members and walk-in traffic once the Premier Fitness Marketing program starts?

They remain just that-your members and your prospects. You need to keep making money when our program begins, and we understand that. Our highly successful fitness marketing programs create 50-150 new members per week from the de-conditioned market so that your sales staff doesn't have to constantly sell to your members. We do not sell to your members or take your walk-in sales. We only sell memberships to the people who come in as a result of our marketing efforts. If we did not create the traffic or generate the membership, why should we get the sale or renewal? We shouldn't! And we don't.

There is a new gym opening up soon in my area. Can Premier Fitness Marketing help me?

Absolutely. Over the years, we have developed programs that specifically implement our health club marketing campaigns to stop the competition's pre-sale and keep your members from leaving your facility. Competition is a fact of life in the health club industry. The number of health clubs is growing, but the number of available members is not. This does not mean your facility must suffer. We can help you make sure the incoming competition does not detract from your membership base or your market share. Call 1-866-577-3643 to find out about your options today.

How does the Premier Fitness Marketing promotion work?

  1. Premier Fitness Marketing analyzes the demographics and history of your market, your competition, and your trends and designs a multiple-exposure health club marketing program to suit your needs.
  2. We invest all the money required to set up the program and work on a commission of the sales we produce. Your club invests nothing and has no financial risk. Your club continues to operate as usual during the program.
  3. Through a separate division of PFM, we can add direct mail to our campaigns for 50% or less cost than if a club does it locally. All savings and discounts negotiated by PFM are passed directly to the gym promotions.
  4. Each campaign takes 4-12 weeks from the start of sales, depending on the club's market. If at any time you are unhappy, just say so, and we will leave. This demonstrates our confidence in our program.
  5. The sales campaigns are monthly dues-oriented to generate long-term stability for your club and consistent cash flow during slow months. There is no deep membership discounting.
  6. The club is given a copy of every contract sold, the daily or weekly production, and expense summaries, and we communicate with the club daily during the campaign. Then, after the campaign, we will leave you with a copy of all the sales and appointment sheets so you can follow up the "pendings" and "no shows". Peoples' needs change dramatically in this business, and many clubs have had their best months following our gym promotions because of referrals, add-ons, and pending sales joining.
  7. Axis Billing Services, an independent third-party billing company, handles all billing from the promotion. We have designated them as our exclusive billing company because they collect better than any other company in the industry.

My market is not like other places, so how can I make a substantial income from in-house profit centers?

We have heard this many times from club owners over the years and have shown them that we can produce results in any market. Along with our promotional campaigns, we also offer a highly specialized health club consulting program to show you how to effectively increase all of your in-house profit centers, from retail sales to personal training revenue, in a matter of days. Your market can be more profitable, and we can show you how.