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Premier Fitness Marketing

Fitness Marketing ExpertsFirst, thank you for your interest in our Fitness Center and Health Club Marketing, Promotion, and Consulting programs!

Premier Fitness Marketing is a full service Fitness Marketing, Promotion, and Consulting Firm for health clubs and gyms.  Our philosophy mandates the maintenance of the highest standards of Honesty and Integrity in every aspect of our business.  Our methods are Efficient, Effective, Powerful, Professional and Historically Proven.  As a result, we proudly maintain an extensive list of very satisfied Clients and References for whom we have produced absolutely stellar results for their health club or gym.

As a former hands-on fitness club owner, I was personally involved in very successful, highly aggressive fitness marketing and promotion campaigns for more than ten years. I not only know what works and what doesn’t, but perhaps more importantly, I view everything from a health club owner's perspective.

That's why I understand the importance of positive cash flow—and why Premier Fitness Marketing will advance all monies required to start a health club marketing campaign!

Our Marketing and Promotion systems encompass a full spectrum of effective, time-proven, and success-driven fitness marketing methods resulting in dynamic and highly profitable membership drives. Our methodology includes but is not limited to telemarketing, direct mail, radio, television, and corporate memberships. We literally attack and saturate your market, both corporate and residential, leaving no stone unturned.

Typically, our fitness promotions average more than $45,000 per week in gross sales from new members that would have otherwise never entered your facility. Our health club promotions are specifically designed to raise your EFT base which equates to a significantly greater positive cash flow and a higher level of financial stability in your health club or gym.

I sincerely invite you to contact me by telephone, email, or simply by completing and submitting our online Club Profile Form. Your completed Club Profile Form will allow me to assess not only the needs of your health club but also the growth potential of your membership.  Additionally, it will provide me with the necessary data to determine which of our Marketing and Promotion campaigns would provide the highest return on investment. You can also view all of our Fitness Marketing and Promotion options to learn more about what we do and how we do it. Our Marketing and Promotion campaigns are designed specifically for the individual business dynamics in order to maximize the results.

I will personally review your Club Profile Form and contact you right away.

With Kindest Regards,

Robert J. Smilanich